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Crib Need

Polk County Resource Center is working with a young Dallas couple with two small children, ages 1 1/2 and < 1 month. The father works full-time, but the family's income is limited. Their children do not have cribs or crib mattresses.

The Resource Center is seeking a donation of a crib that fits current safety specifications (primarily fixed sides rather than the older, sliding sides) and/or a crib mattress (approx. 51" in length). We are hoping for a used crib, although a donation of a new one (from a retailer such as Walmart) would be greatly appreciated, too. If you would like additional information, please contact Loren at the Dallas Resource Center contact numbers below. Thank you. : )

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  • 1-11-2018
  • Entered By: Polk County

foster family in need

We have been contacted by a family who will be fostering a 11 week old baby boy short term and needs to borrow the following items:
Pack-n-play or something for the baby to sleep in
Front pack carrier

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  • 1-8-2018
  • Entered By: Bambinos

Shower chair needed for little girl

There is a family I am working with at Polk Co DD Services. The family has a 5 year old little girl that is in need of a shower chair. She is getting bigger and heavier and it is hard for her mother to support her in the bathtub/shower. She cannot bear any weight and she can not support herself sitting up on her own. She has recently had brain surgery and mom is in need of this shower chair in order to support her while she is bathing. If you have a shower chair you would like to donate please let me know.
Thank you for your consideration

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  • 12-28-2017
  • Entered By: Polk County

Looking for someone to deliver furniture to a family in need.

The Polk County Resource Center was able to locate some much needed furniture and a few household items for a local family. Unfortunately, this family does not have a way to get these items home. We are looking for a volunteer with a truck or van that would be able to pick up furniture and household items from our warehouse in Dallas and deliver them to a client in West Salem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 12-13-2017
  • Entered By: Polk County

Volunteer Search for 2018 Homeless Point In Time Survey

In coordination with the annual Homeless Connect event, Polk County will participate in the 2018 Homeless Point in Time Survey. We are seeking volunteers to help us survey homeless individuals in the Monmouth, Independence, Falls City or Grand Ronde areas on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Volunteers will be offered a choice among morning shift, afternoon shift or both. The survey will be conducted outdoors. There will be an orientation on Tuesday, January 30 to prepare for the event and learn how to help an individual complete the survey.

To register to volunteer, please click the following link or paste it into your browser. You will be directed to the Homeless Connect volunteer web site. Once there, fill in the fields and select "Offsite Survey Outreach."

That's all you have to do. A volunteer coordinator will contact you with further information. We gratefully thank you for volunteering to help those who are homeless in our community.

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  • 12-1-2017
  • Entered By: Polk County

Older adult needs dryer

An older gentleman came into the Dallas Resource Center yesterday wondering if we had a dryer; he is helping a lady who is in "bad shape" and really needs a dryer. Please let me know if you have one (no gas dryers please).

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  • 11-30-2017
  • Entered By: Polk County

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